The world is changing and changing fast. The Internet is here and upsetting everything that used to be sacred, including the CV.

The CV used to be treated like some sacred text, where candidates would spend hours refining it and employers would read over it judiciously.

But then people started telling fibs in their CVs (or at least employers started noticing that people were telling fibs. It is possible that they always told fibs and nobody noticed till recently) and employers started losing faith in CVs and they have become a little less sacred. Then the Internet started doing its thing and the CV is looking very outdated.

Social media has arrived and not only do candidates use it but employers do too. Employers are increasingly checking out your Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn accounts. Don`t be surprised if an employer asks to be added to your friends list on Facebook, so that they can check you out. They are also using personality profiling to get a feel of who you are. Employers are still using CVs but they are not the only things they use.

Is the CV dying? Not quite yet but there are lots more tools in the box these days and employers are using them. Make sure you are too.

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