This is an email I received from one of our members today and I wanted to share the response as it applies to so many people today. Many people who looked forward to a secure retirement have had to come up with alternatives because of the credit crunch and other things that have affected their pensions.

Dear Martin,
The package looks wonderful but, at 66, I believe I am too old to be
looking for a career. For various reasons, some my own fault, I have no
savings and only reduced pension and benefits for income. My main
priority, therefore, is to find any work that will produce a liveable
income and, maybe, some savings.

My work experience is pretty impressive but, after 15 months of
trying, I am coming to the conclusion that I have no future. If you saw
my full c.v, you would find this as terrible as I do!

Any feedback will be received gratefully.


I’m not going to kid you, the truth is that traditional CV based recruitment has the odds stacked against you at 66. And yet at 66 you would still be among the youngest Presidents or Prime Ministers in history. From what you say you have a wealth of experience and an impressive CV. You can really make this work for you if you use the techniques described in “Land your Dream Job”.

From the course you will discover that establishing yourself as a specialist is paramount to your success. When you have as much experience as you have Mike, then this isn’t difficult.

The other critical factor is to be very clear about what problem you are fixing and for whom. I suspect you may be making the same mistake that every job seeker makes (CV based recruitment forces you into it), you are focusing on solving your problem (I need a job) and not on the employers problem (Sales are down, Quality is poor, staff turnover is too high, costs are to high, etc).

I would advise against retraining in general. Your lack of skills is unlikely to be preventing you from solving some significant problems that your sector is experiencing. If you are going to learn anything new then get brilliant at using Get brilliant a using Social Media.

I hire developers from all over the world to help me with the vast array of development projects we are working on. I usually look for specialists. I have no idea how old any of them are, nor do I care. I never look at their CVs. I look at what they have presented about themselves online and from that, establish if they are equiped to solve my specific problem. I recently started working with a man of 56 as he is expert in his very narrow specialist field. I only know his age because he mentioned. I didn’t care.

You can start worrying when the world has no more problems left to fix. But given the state of things today, there have never been more problems. Until that time comes somebody somewhere is really needing your help. You owe it to them to put yourself in a place that they can find you. You need to “redecorate” yourself so that they recognise you when they find you and that you look like a solution to their problem.

Mike, I am so confident that the course will help you, that I would like to give you “Land Your Dream Job ” course for free. All I ask is that you share your experience with me and my audience. Perhaps your experience will inspire others and give them a bit of hope and advice.

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