I’m Martin Gibbons the CEO at PeopleMaps and it’s great to welcome you here. PeopleMaps is very keen to share great content with its readers.  Are you a thought leader? Do you have an important message to share? Then let us share it. If you have something to say then we would like to hear it.




A few things to know about PeopleMaps and a few good reasons to write a guest blog post for us;

  • We have a good Page Rank PR4
  • We have over 100,000 people on our email mailing list, all of which have completed the PeopleMaps personality questionnaire and had a PeopleMaps personality report.
  • We have been doing this since 2001.

Reader Demographic

Our audience could be described as having an interest in one or all of the following;

  • personal development,
  • career development,
  • coaching
  • starting their own business,
  • psychology
  • management

What can you write about?

  1. Anything you write that fits with the list above is probably fine and relevant.
  2. Inspirational stories are always welcome.
  3. Practical advice on how to do something is also good.
  4. Do you have a free offer? Is there something you can give away?

Don’t do this

  • Overt selling or promotion is not a good approach. Be helpful and informative. Our tone is pretty informal in general.
  • Please don’t write about other personality profiling systems such as Myers Briggs, Thomas International, DISC etc as these are our direct competitors.

No of Words

Need at least 500 words. There is no maximum.

Mata Data

Please specify the following;

  • Keyword (just the one keyword phrase please) Be careful with your keyword density too (Less than 3 please)
  • Meta description (140 characters):
  • Authorship. We are happy to credit you as the author. Please provide your Google+ profile details.


There should only be one <h1> in the entire article and that should be the title. Please specify your title clearly and avoid using the <h1> tag in the article.


Please include at least one image in your post but make sure you have permission to use it or its on a creative commons license.

I prefer if the image is hosted on your server and you just link to it from your article. This way when you send me the html everything is already done and will work.

Make sure your images have the Alt Tag filled in.


You may include one link in the article and one link in your biog.


Please tell the readers a bit about yourself in around 100 – 150 words. Include a link in your biog. Place your biog at the bottom of the article.


It is preferred that you write the article in your own blog as a draft and then copy and paste the html code and send it over to me. This ensures all the links and formatting is done.

However a plain text document will be accepted

Summary and Checklist

  1. Heading
  2. Body (500+ words)
  3. Keywords
  4. Description
  5. Biog
  6. Copy and paste the html into a txt document and send it over.

What happens to your article

  • If we go ahead with it, we will publish it as a permanent article on the site
  • We will also email our mailing list and let them know about it.
  • To ensure you are notified, it is best to simply join our mailing list here as we may forget to email you otherwise.

Where to submit your article

The safest way to submit your article is to raise a ticket here. Several people monitor the ticket system so there is less chance of your correspondence getting lost.

Please ensure we have your name, email and website url in case we have to get in touch with you.

A Final Note

I’m really keen to share thoughts and ideas with people so feel free to also talk to me about recording an interview over Skype. My general area of interest is personal development, business development and all with a psychology slant.

If you have something to say relating to what makes people tick or you can inspire people then lets chat.

I personally want to see more done in the field of people management and leadership. Human interaction in this area leaves a lot to be desired. There are huge opportunities for improvement, so if you are helping line managers make a better job of it, then get in touch.

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