PeopleMaps has provided personality reports to over 90 countries in the last ten years.

As an Internet business we always wanted to be accessible to an international audience. English is our primary language and for many countries this is just fine.

We have been widening our language options starting with the questionnaire. The questionnaire is now in several languages including;

  • Polish
  • Slovak
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
  •  . . .and several more

To view the entire list of languages available please login to your Control Room and select >> Tools >> Questionnaire

This will ensue you have the most up to date list available.

The reports are in English, however PeopleMaps Spain opened its doors in 2012 and you will find the site, the questionnaire and the reports all in Spanish.

Customer support is also in Spanish. PeopleMaps Spain is operated under a master license agreement and over the next few years we hope to see new master license holders in other languages coming on board.

PeopleMaps Partner Program

The PeopleMaps Partner Program will be open to all nationalities, so if you would like to work with PeopleMaps in your local country then please get in touch.

So going global has been a PeopleMaps ambition from day 1.

We are receiving more and more enquiries from various parts of Africa and one of our most interesting case studies was from Retail Africa

So although PeopleMaps is UK based, we truly embrace the global business concept. We deliver our services online to many countries and look forward to doing more and more international business.

If you are outside of the UK and have used PeopleMaps then please get in touch. If we print your case study then you can be sure to get a bunch of free reports.

Does personality work in different cultures?

One of the most interesting case studies we had to illustrate just how ubiquitous personality is was in Thailand. we were working with a Japanese car manufacturer, so all the senior managers were Japanese and all the staff were local Thai. There were a few Americans included too.

We have also carried out large projects in China, that included factory floor workers as well as managers and again the personality reports proved to be extremely accurate.

I suppose the point is that people are people. Personality transcends language and culture.


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