1. What is PeopleMaps Publications? – Well it’s a bit like a book publisher, except every publication is about you, based on the answers you gave in the personality questionnaire. PeopleMaps has a range of publications. Most publications have their own website.
  2. What is PeopleMaps Applications? – PeopleMaps has developed technology and psychology for specific applications such as recruitment. If you are hiring then use this application.
  3. Can I resell PeopleMaps publications? – Yes, some of the publications can be sold via an affiliate system, so you get to enjoy a revenue share whilst delighting your visitors.
  4. Can I resell PeopleMaps Applications? – Yes, you may apply to become an Approved Licensed Vendor promoting PeopleMaps Applications for a generous income stream.
  5. Can PeopleMaps help me with my career? – Yes. Use one of the many publications written specifically on career development.
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