Had a really interesting chat with a coach this week and we got talking about engagement. It raised the question,

“how do you get people to re-engage?”

You may be a line manager or a teacher and somewhere along the way your employee as disengaged. They are there in body but not 100% in spirit.

This is very much a personality issue. Different things disengage different personalities. Similarly you need to deal with each personality type differently if you are to ever re-engage them.

The following four short videos explain what you need to know about each personality type. You probably recognize some of the personalities I talk about in the videos.

Have a look and then see who you could re-engage.

In the first video we are looking at personalities from the North East of the PeopleMaps Map


Still dealing with engagement but looking at the South East of the PeopleMaps Map.
This is a very different story.

In this video you will discover what’s doing the damage in the first place and a simple trick to recover even the most disengaged person from the South East.

The people from the North West of the PeopleMaps Map are my most challenging. You may have struggled with people from the North West as they are not the easiest to read. They do not volunteer their feelings or opinions, so it’s pretty easy to do the wrong thing and have them disengage.

So here’s how to avoid upsetting people from the North West of the PeopleMaps Map. And more importantly some advice on how to bring them back into play.

Finally let’s look at the South West region.

Again they use a lot of Internal energy so you may have to prize information and feedback out of them.

You can quite inadvertently upset someone from the South West and have them disengage. This is particularly true if you happen to reside in the North East of the PeopleMaps Map.

However it is possible to recover the situation. Follow the advice in this video and you can get things back on track.

OK that’s it for today.

Take what you have learned today in the above videos and try it out on someone you feel has disengaged. It’s a win:win when it works as no one is truly happy when they are disengaged.

If you are a teacher then you probably have people from every region of the Map that have disengaged. Try out some of these techniques and see if you can get them back on board.

And if you are a line manager then you may have an employee that is not fully engaged. You know they are holding back and doing the minimum. A little bit of effort could turn things around and have them back on the team.

If you are not sure where someone sits in the Personality Map then I encourage you to open up a free account and design a report that includes the PeopleMaps Map. It’s pretty cheap and will really help you to get people to re-engage.

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