A PeopleMaps Personality Report for Business

Overview: This report was developed in conjunction with one of the UK’s leading Driver Safety Training companies. It is aimed to help driver trainers train drivers to be safer in the roads. Both Drivers and Trainers benefit from this report.

What’s in the report: The report contains an insight into the drivers behaviour. It contains consultants comments and questions to help you form a deeper understanding of the driver concerned.

When to use the report: Use the Driver report when you are recruiting new drivers. You may also use it when investigating a road accident as it may help identify the reason for the crash and help improve safer driving in the future.

Topics in the report:

Driving well
Not driving well
Questions to enhance understanding
What you are looking for in answer to these questions
Courtesy to Strangers

How to buy the report: Sign up for your free account – reports cost £25 each before discount.

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