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Dream Job 2nd Edition

Dream Job 2nd Edition

Land Your Dream Job : Second Edition – out now …

Do you buy lottery tickets or are you tempted to call in sick every Monday?

If the answer is yes, then you’re not in your Dream Job. Let me share a secret with you – a secret successful people already know:

ANYONE can have their dream job. You don’t need heaps of qualifications, money or experience!

But you do need personality – and plenty of it. Understanding your personality and using it together with 21st Century job hunting techniques will give you a serious advantage over every other job seeker.



Bryony used the first edition of Dream Job in her recent job search and says,

“In summary, how the dream job course helped me, was to make me think hard about what I wanted and what was right for me. It prevented me from making the wrong decision. It made me list the things I wanted in a job. And I got them all! I could have taken the permanent job and never got this opportunity which would have been a great shame and sent my life in a different, less satisfyiing direction. And I would have repeated a pattern. Wow! I’m starting to feel like Bryony again after a few years so that can’t be bad, can it? It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this good.”

Your own 21st century dream job campaign, step by powerful step with this all new home study programme:

Land Your Dream Job : A Step-By-Step Programme to Finding Your Ideal Job your personality-specific guide for a new media age
from PeopleMaps – the web’s No1 for psychometric testing

Module 1 Discover Your Ideal Job
Laying the foundation for the course, with stacks of personality content to help you discover what your ideal job looks like. You can’t find what you can’t recognise and your ideal job is all about personality.This module provides you with insight into what it is you were simply “born to do”.

Module 2 Winning Interviews
Want to know what an employer may be reading about you? Want to know how to deliver a killer interview every time? This module spills the beans, providing you with insider information never usually seen by anyone other than HR.

Module 2b A better approach to job hunting
Outlines your career development strategy. You are now about discover what the smart people do; the people that never have to worry about their job security. You will also discover how to go about landing your Dream Job. This module is delivered mostly using video.

Module 3 Step by step tactical implementation
You will need to roll your sleeves up and get to work for the module. We have aimed to make this course as interactive as possible so there are lots of exercises built in. Don’t worry – it’s all broken down into simple steps. Infinitely easier than sending a bunch of CVs and much more enjoyable.

Module 4 & 5 How to Use Social Media to Get the Job You Want
If you are not using Social Media properly in your career development, you need to start now. This is the module that will show you step by step how to get those job offers coming in, even if you never send another CV again. Even if you have never used the Internet for anything more than email, you will soon find yourself wielding these powerful tools like a pro. It will tell you what to use and how to use it – step by step for newbies. Sure, you can find this info on the web for free – but here it is all in one place – and linked to the rest of your programme. This module is so jam packed it’s delivered to you in two modules.

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