Practitioner Courses: Improve Your Organisation By Developing Your Knowledge Of Personality Profiling And How To Apply It

Online Courses

Courses are delivered online via video, so you may do them when it suits you.

Develop Your Knowledge

Increase your knowledge in applied psychology and develop your organisation.

Crash Course

Each short course helps you solve very real problems in your organisation. Pick the ones that are most relevant.

Profiling Psychology Fundamentals

If you want to go deeper into the underpinning psychology, then the PeopleMaps Certificate In Personality Profiling Psychology is the course for you.

This course does not look at the application of the psychology but the building blocks of the PeopleMaps system. If you want to know more about;

  • The PeopleMaps Map,
  • The Gauges, or
  • The Six Energies and
  • The 12 Laws Of Personality.
  • Jungian Psychology

Then this is the course for you. Unlike most of the PeopleMaps courses, this is not application specific but instead looks at the fundamental psychology that underpins the PeopleMaps system.

How To Hire Great Sales Staff

Sales are the lifeblood of all organisations. If your sales stop, then everything eventually stops.

Good sales staff are found across the personality spectrum. The challenge is to find the type of sales style that works best for your organisations.

Sales environments vary, so a sales person who was successful in one environment, may not be as successful in yours.

This short online course is packed full of ideas and tools that you can use immediately to ensure that you hire great sales staff.

Team Dynamics

People are complex but when you bring two or more together to form a team, it gets very complex.

Team Dynamics is the psychology of personality in teams. It helps you understand how to bring a variety of personality types together to form an effective team.

In this course you will discover how to analyse an existing team dynamic and adjust it in a way that ensures it works well.

Applied Psychology : Start training today to develop your organisation and the people that make it.

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