Consultants And Their Clients


How do we prevent clients from by-passing their consultant and going directly to PeopleMaps?

The first thing you should know is that PeopleMaps values the relationship it has with all its Certified Business Consultants. As a Certified Business Consultant, you have the potential to place a lot of orders over the years, so it makes no financial sense to upset a consultant for the sake of one client. 

PeopleMaps is keen to have Certified Consultants manage the client relationship, leaving PeopleMaps to specialise in product development and development of its Certified Consultant network.

There are a number of mechanisms PeopleMaps has implemented to avoid a consultant’s client by-passing them to come to PeopleMaps directly.

Once a Client Is Registered By A Certified Consultant, PeopleMaps Honours The Link

it is recommended that consultants create a Child account for each of their clients as soon as possible, as this then links the consultant to the client on the system, so it can be clearly demonstrated which consultant the client belongs to and when they registered. PeopleMaps will honour this link and will ask that other consultants do the same. If there is ever a dispute between consultants as to who has rights to the client’s account then the consultant who first registered them on the system will be given precedence. If a consultant suspected that the client had gone to PeopleMaps direct, then they should alert PeopleMaps who will then check the files.

PeopleMaps will explain to a client that they are obliged to deal with the consultant that they originally registered with. if the client makes any complaint about a Certified Consultant then PeopleMaps will investigate and try to resolve the situation.

Child Accounts Have No Buy Buttons

PeopleMaps has deliberately removed the Buy Buttons from all Child Accounts. So if your client has a Control Room then the only way they may get credits is if you transfer them to them from your Parent account.

Some Products Are Only Available Via Certified Consultants

PeopleMaps has a huge range of products, however, only the simpler products will be made available directly. Many products will only be available via Certified Consultants, as training and know-how are required to use them properly.

PeopleMaps Does Not Provide Consultancy

PeopleMaps sticks to its core business of providing personality reports. Its training is primarily aimed at consultants, not clients, as it only sells simple products direct to clients. More advanced products require additional support and consultancy, which PeopleMaps does not offer.

Branding and White Labelling

it is up to you the extent you wish to go to brand the service as your own. PeopleMaps provides a wide range of features to facilitate your own branding.


In an Internet age, it is simply not practical to allocate geographical areas to Certified Consultants on an exclusive basis. To implement exclusivity for a geographic region would require minimum order levels and commitments that most consultants would not be comfortable with. PeopleMaps does what it can to avoid having too many Certified Consultants in any given area, and in all cases so far, each certified Consultant has a huge geographical area more or less to themselves.

Add Value and Don’t Overcharge

The surest way to prevent clients trying to by-pass you is to add value and do not overcharge. As a Certified Consultant, you will enjoy discounts, especially if you are placing larger orders, so there should be more than enough margin to make a profit without having to overcharge your clients for reports. it is up to you what you charge your clients, however, if you do not over-charge then you remove any incentive for your clients to want to go directly to PeopleMaps.


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