Business Improvement Using Applied Business Psychology

  • Increase productivity
  • Increase sales
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce risk

Save money

Discover new ways to save money, that don’t impact on business performance.

Increase Sales

Your management and staff determine your sales levels. Let’s find new ways to increase sales.

Customer Delight

Only through excellent service can you delight customers. Discover how to delight more customers.

What PeopleMaps Consultancy Can Help You With


Talent Acquisition

Most employers are hiring the wrong people. Only some personality types have the potential to excel in your job role. Most will struggle to cope.

PeopleMaps Consultants can help you identify who you should be hiring.


Talent Retention

How do you hold on to good people? Loosing good people to competitors is not a fact of life, it is something that smart employers work hard to prevent.

Losing a good employee is inconvenient but if they join a competitor, it can be seriously damaging.


Staff Performance

A small improvement in staff performance can make a big difference to your business; directly and indirectly.

Why some people perform better than others is all to do with their psychology. PeopleMaps Consultants can help you identify what you need to do to enjoy an increase in staff performance.


Management Effectiveness

Managing others is one of the most complex and difficult tasks and yet very little training or support is provided in this area.

When a line manager becomes more effective, the benefits are far reaching. PeopleMaps consultants can help line managers quickly become significantly more effective.



When your staff work together more effectively, you and your customers enjoy huge benefits.

However the psychology of collaboration is complex. Finding ways to have people work together effectively is one of the most challenging aspects of business. PeopleMaps consultants can help you build more effective teams.


Training Needs Analysis

PeopleMaps consultants can conduct a personality-centric training needs analysis.

This will help you identify who has natural abilities for certain job roles and who needs support, where. A one-size-fits-all approach to training can be counter productive. PeopleMaps will show you where to focus your training.


Staff Engagement

PeopleMaps has conducted a lot of groundbreaking research in this area. Contrary to popular opinion, staff become engaged and disengaged for very different reasons, depending on their personality type.

If you want to see your staff more engaged you need to first understand their psychology.


Customer Acquisition

For a business to remain viable it needs to be able to find new customers.

There are humans involved in both sides of this equation and therefore it is important to understand the psychology of the staff involved in customer acquisition and the also the psychology of the potential clients.


Customer Retention

The most profitable aspect of any business is selling to existing customers as your customer acquisition cost has already been paid on the first order.

So losing customers is extremely expensive and a big waste of money. A PeopleMaps Consultant can show you why you are losing customers and what you need to do to keep them delighted in the future. The answer varies according to the personality types involved.

What’s Unique About The PeopleMaps Approach

Customised Personality Reports

PeopleMaps places the personal psychology of the people involved, at the heart of everything. it’s people that makes a business and therefore its the people who need to be placed at the centre of the solutions.

PeopleMaps will develop customised personality reports for each project. Generic personality reports are not sufficient. What’s needed today are applications. PeopleMaps will provide you with the applications you need.

Applied Psychology

Humans sit at the heart of most business problems and only humans can every solve business problems. This is why PeopleMaps Applied Business Psychology is so powerful.

PeopleMaps understands what makes people tick. If you want people to modify their behaviour, then you need to understand their personal psychology, as everyone is different.


PeopleMaps consultants will conduct an analysis on your situation and provide you with a personality-centric report.


PeopleMaps will implement customised workshops to help you implement solutions.

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