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The reports are written in plain English and are jargon-free. No training required. Start using them immediately.

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Personality reports designed to give to your coaching clients. Add your own logo and embed the personality questionnaire on your own website if you want to brand it as your own.

exec suite - communication

Use this personality report when working on any communication issues your client is having. Many people have issues with communication.

leadership personality report

Leadership and managing other people are one of the most challenging aspects of senior positions. This personality report will help you and your client with leadership.

exec suite - decision making

Senior managers have to make a lot of decisions, often on a daily basis. Our personality type affects how we go about decision making. Use this report to help people become better decision makers..

exec suite - getting results

Our personality type has a strong influence on how we approach getting results. Understanding your clients natural approach will help you and them get the results they seek.

exec suite - management of self

It’s difficult to manage others if you don’t have a good understanding on how to manage self. This report provides your client with an insight into their own personality and helps them to manage self more effectively.

exec suite - motivation and stress

Nothing is generically motivational. We are all motivated differently depending on our personality type. Use this report to help your client tap into their motivation and reduce their stress.

exec suite - selling and influencing

Senior managers are all selling something, even if it is just ideas. it is important to understand how your client naturally approaches selling and how they go about influencing other people.

exec suite - teams

All managers are involved with several teams. These teams may be formal or informal. Our personality determines how we best contribute to the teams we are in.

exec suite - finance and admin

Maybe not the most exciting topic but it is essential that all senior managers cope well with Finance, Admin and Planning. This report explains how their personality affects this area.

exec suite - customer relationships

We all have customers, even senior managers have customers. This report explains how your client’s personality affects the way they interact with their own customers.

exec suite - your boss

We all have a boss somewhere. it may be the chairman or it maybe the shareholders or the bank. Understanding what your client needs from their boss can be very helpful if they are having problems with their boss.



What’s In The Reports

Each report is packed full of personality content.

Several personality gauges are included in each report and each report is several pages long.

Personality Gauges

Do you need to know about psychology or profiling to use this?

No. The Executive Suite is written in plain English. The report is designed for you to  hand to your client. No interpretation is required. No jargon is used.

What psychology is it based on?

This is a Jungian system based on the research of Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychologist.

Can it be white labelled?

Yes. You may embedd the personality questionnaire in your own website and add your logo to the report PDFs. You may even adjust the colours used to match your own branding.

Is it accurate?

You will be amazed at how accurate the reports are. Read your own report for free and judge for yourself.

Can I grow my coaching practice with this?

Yes. PeopleMaps will show you exactly how to use the reports with your clients and how to grow your coaching practice using the reports. Your clients will love their reports and will be very keen to talk to you about them.

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About PeopleMaps

PeopleMaps has been pioneering online personality profiling for over twenty years.

1.5 million people have completed a PeopleMaps assessment and thousands of organisations worldwide have a PeopleMaps account.


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leaders advisers

“When I set up The Leaders Advisory, a high-performance coaching business, I needed a world-class personality profiling platform to underpin professional sport and business leadership models.

Researching all the well-known profiling providers and exploring potential partners who understood my requirements, PeopleMaps won across serval key criteria, in particular, the power to surface actionable data in simple language that doesn’t require interpretation.

Martin and the team at PeopleMaps are brilliant to work with and I’m not just convinced that these are the best applications available today, I’m excited about the direction of the partnership and shared vision for success.”

Tony Walmsley

The Leaders Advisory

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