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Professional Personality Reports Designed For Coaches To Use With Clients


FREE Mini Report for everyone that visits your website


Massive Wholesale Discount Rates On Full Reports For Approved Coaches


Extensive Online Training On How To Use Personality Reports With Clients


Discover How To Build Your Coaching Practice With Personality Profiling

Personality Profiling For Personal Coaches


A Range Of Reports To Choose From

Pick the report design most relevant to your client. Report designs include; Career, Relationships, Weight Management, Personal Development etc…..


Reports Are Only Available From Approved Coaches

Individuals can only obtain one of these reports from a PeopleMaps approved personal coach. Attract more clients by offering this service.


Delight Your Clients

Expand your service and delight your clients by offering personality reports.


Massive Wholesale Discounts

PeopleMaps has been retailing these personality reports at £25 each. However as an Approved Personality Coach, you will be able to purchase report credits at a massive wholesale discount.

Start Right Away

As soon as you register, you can begin your training and gain full access to your Control Room.

Great Value

You decide what to charge your clients. Include reports with your package or charge what you like for them.

Smartphone Friendly

Clients may complete the personality questionnaire and view their reports on their smartphone if they wish.

A Fantastic Range Of Personality Report Designs To Suit Every Coaching Scenario

How To Develop Your Coaching Practice With PeopleMaps Personality Profiling

Do You Want Level 1 or Level 2?

Level 1 – For Part-Time Coaches


If you want to offer personality reports and are a small user, on a tight budget, then Level 1 may be all you need.


x2 report credits included each month. (worth £50).


Up to 31% discount available on optional Pay-As-You-Go credit packs.


Level 1 training covers all the basic training but does not go into the same depth and detail as Level 2. For instance, if you want to understand the PeopleMaps Map, you would need to go to Level 2.

Level 2 – For Professional Coaches


x6 report credits added each month (worth £100).


Level 2 Advanced Training takes you deep into the detail of PeopleMaps personality psychology. For instance it explains the PeopleMaps Map in detail.


Up to 64% discount on Pay-As-You-Go credit packs. In addition to the free credits you are allocated each month you have the option to buy additional credit packs at wholesale discount rates.


Up to 200 mini report credits each month. Want to build your list of prospects? Then offer your website visitors a free mini report. You can issue upto 200 free mini reports per month. This is an automated feature.


Coaching Pro is available in two levels. Pick the right one for you.

Money Back Guarantee and No Contract


Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, then you may simply ask for a refund as PeopleMaps offers a Money Back Guarantee.


No Contract

You may cancel your PeopleMaps Coaching Pro account at any time. There is no contract.

Try It For Just £10 For 3 Days


Receive x2 credits worth (£50) when you register for the 3 Day Trial.


Gain Full Access to your Control Room and the entire range of report designs. Pick any report design you want and read your own report.


Gain full access to your PeopleMaps Control Room and the quick start video, so that you can be up and running within the next ten minutes.


You can be providing personality reports to your clients within the next ten minutes. Try it for £10 for the next three days and you be the judge.

Tried & Tested

People Love PeopleMaps

Coaches have been using PeopleMaps reports for over fifteen years. These professional reports are tried and tested.

1. 5 Million Assessments

Over 1.5 million people have completed the PeopleMaps questionnaire.


Pioneering Online Profiling Since 2000

PeopleMaps has been pioneering online personality profiling since 2000 and has developed technology and psychology to new levels.


Incredibly Accurate Reports

You will be amazed at just how accurate and insightful PeopleMaps reports are. Your clients will love them and will probably want to buy more than one of them from you.

Try It Now. It Only Takes 10 Minutes

Quick Start Video Guide

As soon as you register for your 3 day trial, you will be taken to the Quick Start Video Guides. They will show you, step by step, what to do and how to complete your trial. It only takes a few minutes.


The Questionnaire Only Takes 7 Minutes

You and your clients will be delighted that the PeopleMaps personality questionnaire only takes 7 minutes, with no compromise on reliability or accuracy.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I want an online solution – I’m looking for the right psychometric system to assist my members to find careers after they have retired from their chosen professional sport.”

Nigel Smith


“I have been a user of DISC profiling for over 10 years in my HR Director and now consultancy roles. Whilst it has been very helpful for my clients I found it was overly labelling – making people slot into pigeon holes rather than concentrating on the individual.

This is why I have swapped to PeopleMaps.  I tested it on myself and my business partner and it was pinpoint accurate!  The cost is also highly competitive with clear understanding of usage so you won’t run out of credits as with some providers. Give it a go – we did and we loved it.”


Hixon Russell HR Consultancy

“We are a career coaching company looking for tools that will help us to provide a better service to our clients. Many people approach us around 10 years into working life when they are either looking at promotion or changing direction. These reports should help us when coaching them on a one-to-one basis.”

Hannah McNamara

HRM Coaching Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?

We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 30 days of your purchase. If you are not satisfied with our product, then simply send us an email and we will refund your purchase right away. This is a risk free purchase.

How does PeopleMaps compare with other systems?

PeopleMaps competes directly with SHL, DISC and Thomas International. These are all great systems, however we think you will love the price and the easy usability of CoachingPro as it has been designed specifically for personal coaches.

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes. If you sign up for Level 1 and then want to upgrade to Level 2, we can arrange that.

What training is provided?

The CoachingPro range of reports is now only available via PeopleMaps approved personal coaches. Level 1 training provides you with a sufficient grounding in personality profiling, however Level 2 goes into a lot more depth and you will be able to talk in a lot more detail with your clients.

Why is PeopleMaps so cheap?

Although PeopleMaps could charge a lot more for Coaching Pro, PeopleMaps wants to work in partnership with as many coaches as possible worldwide in order to make professional profiling more accessible for everyone. Coaching Pro is priced so that coaches can enjoy a good profit margin, whilst making the reports affordable to clients.

What psychology is PeopleMaps based on?

PeopleMaps is a Jungian system. The psychology was developed by Anne Ellis. Anne held a part time teaching fellowship in the psychology department at the University of Westminster, London, where she was involved in the team that created the very first Masters in Business Psychology course offered through any UK university.


Coaching Pro is available in two levels. Pick the right one for you.

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