A Personality Reports for Entrepreneurs

Some say that entrepreneurs are born and not made however PeopleMaps has a different view on this. Personality plays a huge role in entrepreneurship. It’s not just as simple as “Yes / No”, because your personality determines what type of entrepreneurship you are most suited to.

Entrepreneurship is a work environment like any other. It demands certain things from the individual. However the environment that entrepreneurs find themselves in vary considerably  PeopleMaps believes in seeing people work to their natural strengths and their core personality wherever possible. This is also true of entrepreneurs.

With a deep insight into their own personality entrepreneurs can place themselves in an environment that that works for them, not against them.

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how happy we are with our PeopleMaps experience. The customized assessments give us incredible insight when working with our clients. Recently, while reviewing an assessment with a client, he was astonished at how we could know so much about his personality from the information he entered. This gave me, and my company immediate credibility and a rapport with the customer. The information we collect helps us immensely when trying to place our clients. I look forward to continuing to grow our relationship as we grow our company. Thank you again for an outstanding tool and all of your great support.

Best Regards,

Ken Garron

The Entrepreneur Option



Let’s consider a MacDonalds Franchise. The nature of this franchise is very formulaic. MacDonalds insist you stick to their tried and tested formula. This approach will come more naturally to some than others. MacDonalds works really well for those personality types that value processes and routines.

Let’s now go to the other extreme, where the driving force is about designing a new product, where the entrepreneur has an idea for a new product and is determined to build it and market it.

Here nothing is settled. There is no plan. There is no formula. There are no processes in place and everything has to be created from the ground up. This will appeal to a very different personality type than the MacDonalds franchise. However there are personality types who will thrive in this environment.

Personality Topics Available

You may use any of the PeopleMaps personality topics you find relevant to your work in entrepreneurship however we have created a suit of topics specifically with entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs in mind. These are;

  1. Communication – skills for self-employed
  2. Decision Making – self-employed
  3. Finance Control – self-employed
  4. Management style – self-employed
  5. Planning for the Future – self-employed
  6. Pressure – self-employed
  7. Sales ability – self-employed
  8. Teamwork – self-employed
We looked at the key areas that are present in every new business and develop these 8 topics. Every entrepreneur will be faced with all of the above issues, so they need to understand their natural preferences in these areas.
Can you imagine any entrepreneur that doesn’t have to communicate with a wide range of people? Communication is central to pretty much all entrepreneurial activity. Knowing your communication style will help you avoid some of the pitfalls. Entrepreneurs have some influence over the environment they place themselves in, so it’s important they make the small adjustments to ensure they are working to their natural strengths.

Do You Coach Entrepreneurs or Budding Entrepreneurs?

If you work with entrepreneurs then you can use all or some of the above topics to help them become more competent entrepreneurs. You can help them discover what kind of entrepreneur they should be.

We will dedicate a whole module to entrepreneurship in the PeopleMaps Licensed Practitioner Program, so if you would like to go deeper into the personality psychology that affects entrepreneurship then grab a place on the Licensed Practitioner Program.

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