Coaching and Personal Development

If you are interested in coaching and personal development then here’s how personality profiling fits in.

How Personality Affects Coaching and Personal Development

coaching and personal developmentWhere we sit on the personality spectrum determines our natural, preferred behaviours. So if you are involved with Coaching and Personal Development, then you need to be aware of the preferred behaviours you are dealing with.

“Almost everything is affected by our personality; everything we say, think and do, every decision we make.”  Martin Gibbons

The Coaching Library has over ninety topics including;

  • Decisions Making
  • Learning Style
  • Communication
  • Delegation
  • Rejection
  • Team role
  • Work Environment
  • Sales Style
  • Attention to Detail
  •  . . . . . . . . .and lot, lots more

 Understanding Personality Expands Our Potential

A deeper understanding of self can actually see us make better decisions. It can see us draw upon resources we may have been oblivious to.

If you are coaching others then an understanding of their personality will explain a lot about their behaviour.

Coaching becomes more effective when we understand the person we are coaching. This is also true when the individual understands themselves better too.

How The PeopleMaps System Can Be Used With Coaching And Personal Development

The PeopleMaps system was developed as far back as 2001, to meet the needs of an Internet age.

It was arguably the first professional system that was devised specifically for the Internet. There never has been a paper based version of the system.

It includes several features with coaching and personal development in mind.

No Interpretation Required

Although PeopleMaps provides training and encourages coaches to participate in the Licensed Practitioner Program, everything is written in plain English and therefore can be clearly understood.

The PeopleMaps Map and the more in-depth meanings are revealed during the training programs however you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Custom Designed Reports

A unique feature of the system is that coaches may design the reports they actually want.

So instead of having to buy an off the shelf design, coaches can simply pick the topics that are of interest to them and use these to design the report they actually want.

When you are involved with coaching and personal development you want relevant content. You do not want to pay for content you will not use.

Quick Questionnaire

Contrary to popular belief, a well designed quick questionnaire can deliver better results than a long winded questionnaire.

The PeopleMaps Questionnaire can not only be embedded in your website but it only takes around 7 minutes to complete. It’s quick but incredibly accurate due to its clever design.

Affordable for Coaching and Personal Development

When you upgrade to the Coaches Pack you automatically qualify for the discount rate and effectively get reports at wholesale prices.

And because you have control over the report design, you also have control over the price. If you want a low cost report then only use a couple of topics. If you want a longer report then use five or ten topics. It’s up to you.

Design reports to meet your budget and upgrade to take full advantage of the savings offered.


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