Coaches Pack

Coaches Pack

If you are a coach, using personality reports with your clients, then you are going to love what you can do with PeopleMaps.

Recently we created a new breakthrough in coaching, which lets you custom design the personality reports you need for each client.

This is an amazing breakthrough because traditionally personality reports were a “one-size-fits-all”. Now you decide on what topics are covered in your clients report.

Just imagine being able to create a report
that deals specifically with your clients needs.

If you are helping a client with their career, then you only use career related topics. If you are helping them with their relationships, then you need only use the topics on relationships.

Yes you could really impress your clients with incredibly accurate personality reports, designed specifically for them.

That’s what the PeopleMaps Coaches Pack can help you achieve.

In a matter of minutes, you can hand your client a custom designed personality report.

It has taken twelve years to develop both the psychology and technology, to deliver this incredible service.

anne and martin

The psychology has been developed by Anne Ellis. Anne held a shared teaching fellowship in the psychology department at the University of Westminster, London and introduced the very first Masters in Business Psychology course at any UK university. When it comes to Jungian psychology Anne has over thirty years of experience.

Your coaches library contains topics about the following areas;

  • Career Planning

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Personal Development

  • Relationships

As a coach you will regularly be dealing with one or all of the above areas. For instance if you are talking with a client about their career;

  • Imagine being able to show your client a report that describes their Ideal Work Environment?

  • What if you could show them, in black in white, what they need from a boss if they are to be happy in their work?

PeopleMaps provides an intimate voyage of self-discovery, finally unlocking and understanding the inner personality traits which guide you to fulfilment of work/life harmony.’  Richard Wareham.

And if you work with entrepreneurs (or potential entrepreneurs);

  • You could show them a report that described their natural management style.

  • You could even show them how they cope with pressure and what their natural behaviour is when under pressure.

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how happy we are with our Peoplemap experience.  The customized assessments give us incredible insight when working with our clients.  Recently, while reviewing an assessment with a client, he was astonished at how we could know so much about his personality from the information he entered.  This gave me, and my company immediate credibility and a rapport with the customer.  The information we collect helps us immensely when trying to place our clients.  I look forward to continuing to grow our relationship as we grow our company.  Thank you again for an outstanding tool and all of your great support.

Best Regards, Ken Garron, The Entrepreneur Option

In some way, all coaching is about helping people with their personal development;

  • Imagine presenting a report that described your clients natural learning style. So many people struggle with life because they don’t know about this. You can change that.

  • And you can present them with their key strengths; one of the most popular personality topics of all time and something that will give you and your client plenty to talk about.

sarah-newtonThis test will change how you work with your clients. A simple yet really effective tool it will give you all the information you need on your clients at your fingerprints. It has transformed my work making it quicker and removing all guess work. I can highly recommend it . Sarah Newton

And finally there is the section on Relationships. Everyone is dealing with their relationships and I imagine your clients are too;

  • You can design a report that includes a topic on “Anger” for instance and help them look at what’s making them angry and how they naturally deal with it.

  • Maybe you are working with a client on issues to do with intimacy, which is very much a personality issue. You can help your client discover something about themselves that they are probably unaware of and make some real breakthroughs.

But as well as access to over forty topics designed for coaches you also get;

  1. 50% discount on all orders.

  2. No minimum order required.

  3. The facility to brand the service and reports with your own logo.

  4. You can also embed the questionnaire in your own site using the PeopleMaps widget (no coding required), so your clients never leave your site to complete the questionnaire.

  5. You can change the colours on the questionnaire to match your own branding too.

  6. You can create as many report designs as you like as no extra charge.

  7. You can charge what you like for the reports. If you want to bundle them in with your own charge that’s fine. If you want to charge for them separately that’s up to as you and you can charge what you like.

So you can see why the PeopleMaps Coaches Pack is a real bargain at only £27 per month.

Why am I making this so affordable for coaches?

Well I believe that a deeper understanding of “self” and others is the bedrock of all personal development and by working together, we can really make a huge difference to people’s lives.

So to ensure that professional coaches do not hesitate, I have hammered down the price and increased the discount.

Special Bonuses

To give you additional comfort and show that I am serious about working with coaches, I have also included the following bonuses. These will only be available for a limited period.

  • £100 voucher when you upgrade to the Coaches Pack

    As soon as you upgrade, you are eligible to claim £100 worth of reports. You may use these at any time.

  • Three months subscription to the PeopleMaps Licensed Practitioner Training Course.

    Licensed Practitioner CourseThis course presently retails at £37 per month, so this is a huge saving. And as a coach you will simply love this program. In it we cover the following;

    • The 12 Laws of Personality, where you discover the very essence of personality psychology.
    • How to interpret the PeopleMaps Map. Discover more about yourself and other through the Map.

    • The six energies and how they manifest in personality. A new and exciting way of looking at Jungian psychology.

    • and lots, lots more delivered via dozens of videos online, so you can complete the course at your own pace.


Are you beginning to see how valuable the Coaching Pack is? With these bonuses, you’ll know the essentials about personality psychology and how to apply it to your coaching practice.

You will be able to print off and deliver an incredible personality report, right into the hands of your client. And remember you can charge what you like for the report.


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