So today I sat down to do some piano practice and whilst flicking through an old music book I came across a quote from Jung I thought I would share.

“the cinema, like the detective story, makes it possible to experience without danger all the excitement, passion and desirousness which must be suppressed in humanitarian ordering of society.”

I love the movies. There are an unhealthy number of foreign language and art house films that pass across my giant TV.

Recently Ruaridh and I have been studying them to help him with his book and this is great fun. The psychoanalysis of a movie and it’s characters is just as interesting as the real thing.

I love that watching movies is part of my job and that Jung himself has practically sanctioned it.

Incidentally this weeks best film for exploring human nature and behaviour is The Way, starring Martin Sheen. Watch the interviews too. A very deep and interesting film, yet it leaves you feeling good, without the usual gushy predictable Hollywood ending.

Ruaridh and I also watched The Godfather Part 1, with Part 2 to follow shortly.

This is almost a rights of passage. He is now old enough to watch it and appreciate it. Although made in 1974 it’s a timeless wonder. A fantastic study of human nature.

It’s partly a story about fighting against what you are. Going against your own nature. It’s also about embracing that nature even when it’s not nice. The Don never wanted Michael to go into the “family business”. Michael never wanted to either. Yet it was thrust upon him. Sonny was too hotheaded, Fredo to weak. It needed Michael and he was a natural at it. His hands never even shook the first time he had to step up in the front line and face down some gangsters.

Incidentally are you interested to know what personality type Michael is? Do you know where he sits on the PeopleMaps Personality Map? It’s a tricky one. Definitely in the North. One big tell on this is the quote;

“It’s not personal. It’s just business.”

So is he NW or NE? Is he about doing it now? or about doing it right?

My genuine feeling is that he is due North, with a foot in both introvert and extrovert camps. This is a bit of a cop out I know. What do you think? and Why?

The Don is a little easier I think and I would have him in the NE as he is more of a people person than Michael. He has a lot of charm and is genuinely liked. He is not very demonstrative for a NE person but he certainly gets the job done. He likes to speak and be heard but he is also economical with his words, using only what’s necessary. Michael on the other hand probably doesn’t use enough words or enough charm. He tells people what he wants whereas the Don, would leave them feeling that they were asked rather than told.

These small differences in personality are enough to separate these two leaders in a significant way.

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