What is a career aptitude test?

So what is a career aptitude test ? And how can you use one to help you discover your ideal job?

How to use a career aptitude test to discover your dream job

job and career aptitude testOur idea career is usually realised when our natural gifts are utilised to the full. For some it’s about doing something they are passionate about. For others it’s about the people they work with.

Figuring out what you should be doing is the starting point. Picking the right race to run is the all important first step and unfortunately the step most people get wrong.

Companies have been using the career aptitude test for years

Companies have always tried to put the right people in the right roles and for over fifty years organisations have used various tools to help them do this. They put candidates through aptitude tests and personality tests to ensure that from the limited knowledge that they have about applicants, they make excellent hiring decisions.

When beginning on this journey most people only look at their existing qualifications and work experience, however this merely reveals the decisions you have previously taken. They may not have been the best decisions and therefore they may mislead your future decisions about your career.

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

Sure it’s good to know what you are good at. However this is only part of the picture. This largely describes your aptitude.

Aptitude test is one way of finding a career where you might succeed. However the single most important aspect to test, is personality. Like most people, you possibly have had roles where you thought you had the right aptitude and yet you did not feel fulfilled in the job. This could be because the career did not suit your unique personality.

Think about this. Do you find yourself looking at careers you are qualified for? Do you find yourself saying “I can do that.” Most people only ever consider their aptitude for jobs. This is why so many people are unhappy in their work.

Aptitude is not enough. You need to also meet your personality needs. The skills based career seeker often suffers from work related stress.

Career Aptitude Test

Strange as it may seem both you and the employer have the same objective – or at least you should have.

Put the right person in the right job

The question is “are you putting yourself in the right job?”

This is where a career test may hold the answer. It’s not all about particular skills.

For over fifty years employers have been considering personality. They have consider the attitude as well as skills – at least the more advanced employers have. Employers discovered many years ago that regardless of a persons skills and technical competence to do the job, it was invariably their attitude that determined if it worked out or not. Some types work out.

Employers also discovered that if when they matched the personality type to the job role correctly, the employee was considerably more productive and certainly more enjoyable to work with. In short the company made more money.

You can use this same test to place yourself in the right job roles and ultimately make more money as a result. Only when you are in the role that is right for your personality can you truly realize your potential. This is true for employers and it is true for you.

You are both looking for the same outcome. You both need to look at this as a win:win.

The answers you get from your career aptitude test may help you choose a better career.

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