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PeopleMaps developed its first Career Test as far back as 2001 and has been improving it ever since.

Use the Career Test to help figure out what career is right for you

career testMost of us stumble into our careers by accident. At school we did better at some subjects than others, either because we had an aptitude for them or because we happened to have a good teacher.

This then sees us stumble into further study or to climb onto the first rung on our career ladder.

But lets be honest the school system delivers an extremely narrow curriculum. You are probably only introduced to about ten subjects. This is hardly representative of the millions of opportunities that await you in the real world.

This is why a career test is so important. It goes beyond your limited educational experience and looks at the real you.

What does a Career Test measure?

The PeopleMaps Career Test ignores all your experience. It has no interest in what subjects you have studied or the grades you have received. Instead it looks at your core personality.

“We all deserve to work at something we enjoy; that contributes to our personal fulfilment. We owe it to ourselves, to discover what we were simply born to do.”

Martin Gibbons

At PeopleMaps we believe in the above statement and the career test is designed to help you discover what your were simply born to do.

This is a Jungian system to help you align your work with your personality. If you can spend more time doing what comes naturally to you and less time wrestling with things that do not, then you stand more chance of enjoying sustained success.

Employers have been using versions of a career test for over fifty years

Employers discovered a long time ago that to put the right person in the right job you need to understand something about their personality. They also noticed that some people will thrive in a given environment and others will perish, depending on their personality type.

If this works for employers then it should work for you too. Use the PeopleMaps career test to place yourself in work environments where you will naturally thrive.

Free career test

There is no need to buy anything as you can get a free career test here.


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