Power Marketing with the Power Widget

Power Widget = professional content for your website

The Personality Power Widget uses the same professional psychology as blue-chip industry and delivers that content  in a fun, friendly and easily digestible format. The psychology is so accurate, it stops visitors in their tracks.

Combine that remarkable content with a customisable presentation, seamlessly integrated with your site, and the Power Widget simultaneously enhances  your credibility and delights your visitors.

Power Widget = phenomenal list building tool

The Personality Power Widget collects username and email address details before visitors can read their report. Our experience  shows us that visitors have little reservation exchanging their details for a quality product.

You get free access to these registration details and can add them to your email list. We can even integrate the Power Widget with your own registration system just contact us to find out more.

Power Widget = killer landing page content

Landing pages are sometimes referred to as squeeze pages simply because their primary function is to force your visitor into taking action. Using the Personality Power Widget, you can offer something genuinely relevant in exchange for their registration details.

With up to 99 quality personality topics to choose from across 8 universal themes,  your Widget can be customised to include topics that relate directly to your service or product. Talking about personality is one thing – talking about personality within the context of your site is a powerful mix – and turns your call to action into a no brainer.

Power Widget = increased visitor numbers

People are fascinated by self. Over the years, we’ve discovered how much individuals are interested in their personality. The first thing people do after they read their profile is share it. The very next thing they do is ask to see their friends’.

When you install a Personality Power Widget on your site, the easy share features mean you benefit from powerful word of mouth recommendation.  Your original visitors send their friends back to your site to to take the test and your site’s virability factor is on the up.

Power Widget = increased visitor conversion

The Personality Power Widget is designed for you to embed into any web page, and delivers both the personality questionnaire and profile in one place. Your visitors never need to leave your page.

The longer your visitors stay on your site, the greater the opportunity you have to convert them to customers, and if you benefit from advertising revenues, this  increased site stickiness helps you generate even more.

Personality Widget = customer focused communication

A revolutionary new communication device. Your consumers want more relevant information, and are annoyed when they don’t get it. It’s not just what you say – it’s how you say it; and that’s a personality issue!

Align your communications to your customer’s personality and deliver relevant information to them the way they like it.

This feature provides you with
– copywriting for each personality quadrant training course
– your registered users sorted by personality quadrant

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