Who Uses PeopleMaps

Line Managers – Do You Manage Others?

Line Managers, Business Owners and HR Managers use PeopleMaps to help them with recruitment, retention and people management. Soft skills development is essential in business today. Quickly get an insight into your most valuable resource; your people. Read more

Recruitment agencies

A psychometric test designed specifically for recruitment. PeopleMaps has developed a package specifically for Recruitment Agencies. Sign up for a FREE account and access the most cost effective personality test on the web. Read more

Coaches and consultants

Coaches have been using PeopleMaps for years. Design the reports you want. Easy to use and your clients will love them. Jargon free reports providing a huge range of topics typically covered by coaches. Read more

peoplemaps partner psychometric test

The PeopleMaps Partner Program

Start earning now as a PeopleMaps Partner. If you loved your report, then make it your business. Open to individuals and companies.

Free Personality Test

Got a website? Then why not give all your visitors a free personality test. PeopleMaps provides webmasters with the facility to embed a free personality test in your website. Your visitors can enjoy a free report without ever leaving your page.

Looking for a free personality report?

If you are an individual who just wants to read your own free personality report then check out the library of free reports you can choose from.

We add more reports regularly so please click to find the free personality test that’s right for you.

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Training Courses

PeopleMaps provides a range of online training courses

PeopleMaps Licensed Practitioner Course;
If you are interested in psychology and how to apply it then sign up for one of the PeopleMaps online training programs today.
Read more
How To Hire;
Learn the psychology of selection with “How To Hire – How To Interview Someone. Understand the important role psychology plays in your recruitment process. Discover how to make better hiring decisions and gain a competitive advantage. Suitable for line managers who find themselves hiring from time to time and to season professionals.
Career Coaching Course
Train to be a PeopleMaps Career Coach and discover an entirely new approach to career development, using personality centric career coaching. Suitable for part-time amateurs wanting to help friends and family and for professional coaches.
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