Wow!! Lots of great feedback and comments about the new system. Thanks for that. I had a bunch of questions too, which I hope to answer in this post. If you have any more please just add them to the comments below or send me an email.

How to spend your £200

Your £200 is already in your account – yay! – but you must allocate your £200 to reports by 1st May or you’ll lose it!

Not sure how to “spend” your credits? Watch this short video guide – remember, you only have until May 1st!

Spending your £200 from Julie Anderson on Vimeo.

Watch this video to see how to add candidates and view their reports:

Where to send candidates from Julie Anderson on Vimeo.

When does the unlimited access run till?

A few people asked this and it’s a good question. You will have unlimited reports up until 1st January 2009, that’s eight months worth. Worry not I will be much more specific on the details next week. Please keep checking the emails.

Where’s my logo gone?

If your logo has disappeared, you can easily add it again by clicking on “Add your logo” in your Control Room. Here you can browse your computer and upload your logo to the system.

New System. It’s all different

You may have kept old emails explaining how to use PeopleMaps. Please note that this is a brand new system and works quite differently from the old system. It’s only just out the box a week or so. Have a play with it, click about and see what you find. You won’t break it. If you visit the Help pages, you will also find some videos which act as a quick guide to the new system – take a look!

Multiple users

You may now create several users for your account, each with their own username and password. It saves you having to tell other people your username and password and gives you more accountability control.

Polish Questionnaire

If you are processing Polish or Slovak-speaking applicants then you will want to know about our new questionnaires. See our blog post for details.

Credits held previously

If you already had money in your account, it will still be there (+£200!). To make it easy for you to keep track, every page in the Control Room specifies how many reports you already hold in stock, as well as your account balance. Don’t worry if your “Account balance” is zero – it means you have already bought reports – check your “Reports in stock” figure. You can find a detailed breakdown of the reports you own (Reports in stock) in the “Bulk buy for discount” page. You can allocate these reports to your candidates/employees by selecting “View and buy reports”.

Is PeopleMaps the same psychology as Myers Briggs?

PeopleMaps psychology is based on the work of CJ Jung – as is Myers Briggs. You can read more about the psychology part and there are also a number of articles about Myers Briggs on the site too.

There are some major differences between PeopleMaps and MBTI – most notably the questionnaire (PeopleMaps was designed specifically and exclusively for the web) , the report output (written in plain English – no training required) and the service (online, pay as you go). You can also compare PeopleMaps with other profilers.

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