alternative-to-assessment-centresLooking for an alternative to assessment centres? If you are used to using assessment centres but are looking to save a bit of money, then you could use PeopleMaps personality profiling tools.

Save yourself a small fortune and enhance the service you receive at the same time.

Using the PeopleMaps online questionnaire you can discover the personality profile of your candidates in a matter of minutes. Candidates can complete the questionnaire from home or from your office. The questionnaire takes only 7 minutes but is incredibly accurate and the reports are extremely detailed.

You could process 100 candidates in less time than it takes an assessment centre to process one.

Once a candidate has completed the questionnaire, you decide you want to read about them. There are about forty different topics, each one dealing with a particular issues; such as work environment, leadership, communication etc

Reports cost from as little as £5 and volume discounts are available. It is also possible to have all your reports for free if you take a license, particularly useful for larger employers.

Is this really an alternative to Assessment Centres?

Well of course assessment centres assess a lot of things including skills testing.

However PeopleMaps has a simple philosophy when it comes to placing the right candidate in the right job.

To enjoy maximum performance and low staff turnover, you need to provide the employee with a work environment that is compatible with their core personality needs.

If you don’t do this then it doesn’t matter if they score 100% in every other test or assessment, it’s unlikely to work out in the long run.

And if you are one of life’s great optimists and live in the hope that the candidate will change to suit the environment you do have, then I hate to burst your bubble.

Matching the work environment you offer to the personality of the person you employ is a deal breaker. Get this wrong and it’s all wrong.

This is why we see this as an alternative to assessment centres.


Let’s say you were offering a telesales role. The work environment can be described as repetitive. The staff member will see each day being very similar to the previous day. They will have to deal with the same problems day in day out. It’s a sales role dealing with incoming inquiries.

Now lets say you decide to try and hire more natural sales people. You want people who have the gift of the gab and can persuade people to order. This is not an unreasonable ambition.

However if you offer them a repetitive environment then the chances are they will become bored. Your environment is simply not conducive to their personality and they will be unable to stick it.

You will see your staff turnover increase and results will soon drop off, even though they started so well.

You have probably experienced this and may have tried to get the staff member to change. But even if they try really hard, they cannot change who they really are.


It’s easier to change the work environment you offer. You have no chance of changing the personality of the person you hire. This is why we see this as an alternative to assessment centres.

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