Personality Profiling For Recruitment Agencies And Consultants


Wholesale Discount For Agencies

Wholesales discount for agencies. Although the Pay As You Go Packages are discounted, the biggest savings are made when you take an Annual License.


Place More Candidates

The Personality Certificate is included with your membership, so that you can submit one with every candidate you put forward. It gets them noticed and helps get them interviewed.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Differentiate yourself from other agencies by including personality profiling as part of your service. Use the reports to add value. Brand them with your logo when giving them or selling them, to clients.

Hire The Best Consultants

Use our specially designed personality report designed to interview potential recruitment consultants, to make sure you hire the best consultants.

Win New Clients

Use this simple tool to win new clients.


Stand out from all the other agencies.

Place More Candidates

Use profiling to place more candidates.

Retain Clients

This tool makes your clients stick with you.

What’s Included In The Agency Pro Suite

With no software to install, this browser based service takes personality profiling to the next level. Login and start using it right away.

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PeopleMaps gently insists you try before you buy


Read your own report and judge the accuracy of the system for yourself.


Place more candidates using these profiling tools.


Win and keep more clients with PeopleMaps personality profiling tools.

The Following Tools Are Included In The Agency Pro Suite

Personality Certificate

Sign for the free trial and discover how Personality Certificate will help you get your client’s attention and ultimately see you place more candidates.

Do something different from your competitors and get your candidates noticed.

Intrigue your clients with the Personality Certificate. Once they start using it, they will not want to recruit without it.

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Hiring Recruitment Consultants?

Finding the right candidates to join your agency can be tough.

The truth is there are some personality types that cope better with it than others.

This personality report will help you identify who will thrive and who will quit.

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Interview Pro Range

Interview candidates like a mind reader.

This range of personality reports is written as an interview guide and it will help you and employers make the right recruitment decisions.

Discover who your candidates really are with this incredibly detailed personality report.

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Pay As You Go Options

Pack 1

  • x5 Interview Pro credits
  • x10 Personality Certificate credits
  • Basic training included
  • Retail value of credits delivered each month with membership £100
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Pack 2

  • x10 Interview Pro credits
  • x20 Personality Certificate credits
  • 20% Discount on Booster Credit Packs
  • Basic training included
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License Options Available

If you want to enjoy an even bigger discount, then the most cost effective way to do this is with an annual license. Each license is customised to suit your specific requirement. When you login to your Control Room select “>>Buy Credits >>Quote Request” and tell us about your project.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, then you may simply ask for a refund as PeopleMaps offers a Money Back Guarantee.

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Try it today and judge for yourself the accuracy of the report. A detailed quotation will also be provided.
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