personality-profiling-questionnaireHere’s what to do if you have been asked to complete the PeopleMaps personality questionnaire.

For Existing Employees

If you are an existing employee and you have been asked to complete the personality questionnaire, then this is what you need to know.

  1. The first thing you should know is that this is not a test. Relax, no one is trying to catch you out. There are many applications for personality profiling. At their core, personality reports are designed to help develop a better understanding of self and others.
  2. Start with the right mindset – This is a work scenario, so think about yourself in your work environment, doing what you are familiar with. We all behave differently at home or on holiday, so make sure you think about yourself at work doing what you are competent at.
  3. Don’t Try And Guess What Answers You Think They Want To Hear – This is the worst thing you could do when faced with a personality questionnaire. It will become very apparent, very quickly, even to people who do not know you and the people you work beside will realise it right away. This is a big waste of time for everyone and it will reflect badly on you.
  4. Answer Honestly and Naturally – Most people are terrible liars. There is no need to lie.  it is not possible to pass or fail a personality questionnaire.
  5. Do not overthink it – There will be two or three questions out of the ten you will struggle with. That’s OK. That’s normal. Just answer the best you can. Generally, it is best to go with your first answer rather than overthink it.
  6. Take about 5 Minutes – It should only take you about 5 to 8 minutes to complete. Again do not overthink it or go over the time set.

For Job Applicants

All of the above also applies to job applicants.

  1. Do not try and manipulate your answers – There are two reasons not to manipulate your answers 1) you don’t know what the employer is looking for and 2) You don’t know how to fabricate it. An employer will be able to tell if you have fabricated your answers and this will reflect badly on you and affect your chances.
  2. Be Genuine – Employers are looking for genuine people.
  3. Think about yourself at work – More importantly, think about yourself doing work you are competent at and where you feel confident. it doesn’t matter what the work was. it does not need to be about the job you are going for. it’s the feeling you are after – the mindset.

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