What is personality profiling?The way that a person performs in a job does not solely depend upon their ability – personality also plays a very important part. Personality profiling, sometimes referred to psychometric testing, is a means of measuring an individual’s personality in a work situation. It is not a measure of intelligence or ability, but of behaviour.

Profiling gives an employer a snapshot view of the preferred behaviour that comes subconsciously to most people. This is the behaviour with which they are ‘comfortable’ and can sustain for long periods of time. This behaviour is social and intellectual, not physical and governs the nature, the work environment and, for the individual him/herself, their job satisfaction.

There are as many definitions of ‘personality’ as there are famous psychologists, however, one very notable pioneer in this field was Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. His theories are now widely used in the corporate testing arena and underpin the PeopleMaps personality profiler. The profiling system developed by PeopleMaps is cheaper, quicker and more convenient than non-Internet or “terrestial”systems, and empowers Line Managers to conduct good interviews without any specialist training. Crucially, the costs to an employer of profiling are reduced by up to 90%. PeopleMaps provides a professional online personality profiling service that customers feel confident using.

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