PeopleMaps Licensed Practitioner

Personal Development

Are you investing in your own personal development or perhaps you already coach others in theirs. Either way you will find the PeopleMaps Licensed Practitioner Program ideal for a whole range of personal development.

Career Coaching

PeopleMaps has written extensively for over ten years on career development and you will be trained in how to deliver personality centric career coaching.  You will be able to help people discover what they were simply born to do.


Are you helping people understand their relationships. It’s impossible to make progress in this area without understanding self. You can help people understand themselves and others at a fundamental level.


Do you work with entrepreneurs or people who are thinking of starting their own business? Then you will love the library of topics dedicated to this subject.

Business Applications

There are a number of business applications covered in detail in the Licensed Practitioner Program.

How To Interview SomeoneHow To Hire, How To Interview

If you are involved in the recruitment process or helping people with their recruitment then you need to know about  the psychology of selection.

This module takes you through each step of the recruitment process and shows you the impact personality and psychology is having. It will show you how to make better hiring decisions.


Team WorkshopTeam Excellence Level 1

One of the Workshops In A Box series, Team Excellence provides you with everything you need to walk in and deliver a workshop on Teams to a company.

The slides presentation is provided as are the speakers notes. It even tells you which personality topics to use and when to distribute them.

 How To Apply

To apply for a place on the PeopleMaps Licensed Practitioner Program, please register for a free trial account. Once you have access to your account you will see a link to the Licensed Practitioner Program.


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