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Personality Essentials – in under 5 minutes

What is a personality test?

Anne Ellis, PeopleMaps co-founder and director of psychology explains exactly what a personality test questionnaire measures:

How to answer the personality questionnaire

Here Anne lets you know the best way to answer the questionnaire:

The mobility of personality

Don’t let yourself be boxed in by your personality result! Personality shouldn’t limit you – let it guide you to a better understanding of the world, and a more appropriate response, through awareness:

Extraversion and introversion

Now common parlance, these ‘labels’ are very easily misunderstood. Let Anne help you understand these terms from a profiling perspective:

Audio Interviews

Radio Interview with Allan Russell

Insight Radio DJ grills PeopleMaps CEO Martin Gibbons about Finding Your
Dream Job, and how personality plays its part.

Mari Smith Interview

Mari Smith is a recognised Facebook expert, recently called the “Pied Piper of Facebook” in Fast Company magazine. Julie Gibbons(PeopleMaps VP Marketing) interviews Mari to discover her top tips for using Facebook to create a successful online personal brand.

SoulMate Mentors Radio Show

Martin talks about personality and romance on the SoulMateMentors Radio Show with Yvonne Rice and Dr Jake.

Listen to the PeopleMaps Personality Pow Wow

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