So What Is Psychometric Testing?

So what is psychometric Testing?

PeopleMaps develops professional,  psychometric testing applications, for individuals and companies.

In this article we will explain what it is in detail.

what is psychometric testingPersonality screening is a sub-category of psychometric testing, though the words personality screening and psychometric testing are frequently used reciprocally. People say psychometric testing, however they are reffering to personality screening.

Psychometric testing has actually been around since the 1950’s and much of it is based on the study of Carl Jung.

You can use Psychometric testing for various things. As a matter of fact wherever you locate individuals you will certainly locate a have to recognize individuals a lot better.

Via a much deeper understanding of self and others it is possible to deal with several of the problems we encounter. Whether these be private one-to-one contravene a family member or colleague or whether they are disagreements of state, an understanding of psychology will certainly help.

Personality Profiling and What is Psychometric Testing

PeopleMaps integrates the psychology of personality profiling with net innovation to generate a variety of items. Some prepare made and available to you via this website. Others are developed with companions and supplied directly by them. Imagine your digital material, absolutely personalised and supplied online. PeopleMaps personalises material– past the common demographics, through psychometric testing.

The PeopleMaps Map

PeopleMaps psychometric testing is based upon profiling your personality type and  can be represented by where you sit on the PeopleMaps Map. This special aesthetic device has actually been tailored to make it easy to understand your personality in connection with others.

By using a Map instead of a label, we avoid pigeonholing you or boxing you in. You have a recommended actions however you could move about the map if you intend to.

The PeopleMaps Compass

Another visual representation of your type is the PeopleMaps Compass which takes it down to a deeper level – looking at one aspect.

The Compass appears on the many of the reports developed for PeopleMaps’ psychometric testing applications for personnel recruitment and development.

Once more this is a distinct innovation of PeopleMaps.

The PeopleMaps Questionnaire

This distinct personality questionnaire has taken years to create and refine. There are two models. a 5Q and a 10Q.

It contains only 5 (or 10), 4 component questions which can be completed in under 3 to 8 minutes. Developed exclusively for the web, it results in optimum accuracy in the shortest feasible time.

When providing a service online, you have to provide customers a quick survey, as candidate exhaustion will set in. Where an individual could invest 40 mins finishing a paper based questionnaire, they will not invest 40 minutes on-line, doing the very same.

Carl Jung

The concept underpinning PeopleMaps profiling originates from the work of Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist that believed every individual was distinct.

His concept concentrates on the intellectual facets of personality i.e. how individuals think and embark details to make their choices and feeling of the world. This is the mental theory that other prominent profilers featuring the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) are based upon.

So What is A Psychometric Test?

So what are psychometric tests? As far as PeopleMaps is concerned a psychometric test is a personality assessment.

PeopleMaps provides professional psychological profiling in plain English.

The system is simple enough to operate in a matter of minutes and training is purely optional.

The unique psychometric test / personality questionnaire offers accurate results in under 8 mins with just 10 questions, and all reports are issued instantly. Take the survey and try it yourself. Use it for team building if you like.

Now you know the answer to the question “what is psychometric testing?”

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