Recruitment Psychometric Test

Recruit Better Staff Than Your Competitors With The Web’s No 1 Online Psychometric Test for Recruitment.


Dear Recruiter,

How would you like to consistently hire better staff than your competitors? Do you think if you hired better staff than your competitors it would give you a competitive advantage?

Whoever you hire, it’s likely to be one the largest investments you make. Whether they are good, bad or exceptional, it’s still going to take a big chunk of your budget.

That’s why more and more companies are using PeopleMaps personality profiling…

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Recruitment Psychometric Test


You will be able to recruit better staff and save yourself a ton of money in the process

The retail price is already pretty low, however when you upgrade to the Recruiters Pack, you immediately qualify for a 50% discount rate.

Personality profiling doesn’t need to be expensive. With PeopleMaps you can enjoy professional reports for less than a fiver.

Traditionally you would have to hire a consultant and spend a fortune to get good profiling but since 2001 PeopleMaps has pioneered online personality profiling and will provide it to you at Internet prices.

It’s Fast And Very Easy To Use

Most personality profiling systems require you to go on a training course to even get the basis from the system. PeopleMaps writes the reports in plain English, so you can be up and running in about ten minutes.

If you have a candidate coming in for interview in the next twenty minutes, you have plenty of time to set up an account and read their personality report. It’s that quick.

Old Fashioned Recruitment Psychometric Test
Had A Few Flaws

You may be used to the following:

  •         They are laborious..
  •         They are difficult to set up and use, especially if you are a busy line manager.
  •         The reports are too complicated and don’t tell you what you need to know.
  •         Most reports are not designed for recruitment but for personal development.

PeopleMaps Has Changed The Recruitment Psychometric Test
Making It Easy To Use And Affordable

Just a few years ago, if you wanted to use a psychometric test, you would have needed some deep pockets and time out for training. But now, you can get started right away even if your budget is only £50.

  •           Reports from as little as £5 (<$10)
  •           Quick and easy for busy line managers to use
  •           No consultants required
  •           Only pay for what you actually use.

Here’s just some of the thousands of companies that have had an account with PeopleMaps over the last ten years or more.

client logos

400 “We are a small team of graphic designers and we’re currently recruiting at a senior level. We’re looking to develop our current staff using the profiles, but also make sure the new candidates will work well with the existing team. We were looking for quick and useful reports, and have found that in PeopleMaps.” Alicia O’Dell


Blake Lapthorn Tarlo Lyons “We have recruited a team to grow the business across 3 different locations. I want to use the information to ensure I get the best from the team and ensure the right people are in the right places i.e. I have the right people going out and bringing in the work and the right people processing the work.” Amanda Morris


Hobs Reprographics “We are a large independently owned reprographics company and we like to promote internally. We currently have 2 internal interim managers and would like to analyse their personalities and suitabilities to the role. We have made some errors in the past and want to ensure that we get it right this time around. Our business is continually growing and we like our people to grow with us.” Susan Horwood


March Resources & Aviation “I am looking for simple, straightforward, easy-to-understand psychometric testing without all the unnecessary complexity which some providers seem to insist upon. PeopleMaps appears to meet my needs well and cost-effectively.” Russell Higham

So What’s The Secret To A Good Psychometric Recruitment Test ?

PeopleMaps was developed for the Internet from Day 1.

Where other systems were originally developed using paper based questionnaires, PeopleMaps was developed for exclusive online use. This is why the PeopleMaps technology is so advanced.

This is also why PeopleMaps can generate incredibly accurate reports, using a very quick questionnaire (7 minutes).

Here’s some kind words others have had to say about us:

Dear Martin,

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how happy we are with our PeopleMaps experience.  The customized assessments give us incredible insight when working with our clients.  Recently, while reviewing an assessment with a client, he was astonished at how we could know so much about his personality from the information he entered.  This gave me, and my company immediate credibility and a rapport with the customer.  The information we collect helps us immensely when trying to place our clients.  I look forward to continuing to grow our relationship as we grow our company.  Thank you again for an outstanding tool and all of your

great support.
Best Regards,
Ken Garron
The Entrepreneur Option

Discover Your Ideal Candidate With This Incredible Psychometric Test for Recruitment

There are over 40 topics in the Recruitment Library. Typically you would use about 5 to design your report.

Pick topics that are most relevant to your specific job role. PeopleMaps doesn’t provide a one-size-fits-all approach but instead lets you design the report you actually want. 

Recruitment Psychometric Test
Reports for Less Than £5 

  •          Hire better staff than your competitors
  •          Design reports for your specific job roles
  •          Conduct better interviews using the questions provided in the report
  •          Reduce staff turnover
  •          Increase staff performance
  •          Hire the right person, first time every time

Who Is This Designed For?

Let’s be 100% straight. The PeopleMaps system isn’t for everyone…

If you just want to abdicate all your recruitment decisions, then this isn’t for you.

If you don’t really care about staff turnover or performance, then this isn’t for you.

But if you are a line manager or recruitment agent, who genuinely wants to hire the best candidate, then this will become the most powerful tool in your bag.

Here Specifically Is Who PeopleMaps Is Designed For:

  •          Line managers with not enough hours in the day.
  •          HR Managers who want to provide added value service to the line managers
  •          Recruitment consultants that actually care about service.
  •          Small companies who only hire occasionally.
  •          Larger companies who hire every month and need a large discount.

What’s This Gonna Cost Me?

By now, you are probably wondering how much PeopleMaps Psychometric Test for Recruitment actually costs. With all the expensive systems out there these days, you might think it’s going to set you back a few thousand, maybe even more.

In all seriousness, comparable products will cost you thousands…

But as PeopleMaps has been building its reputation online for 11+ years around making professional personality profiling accessible.

You only need to spend what you can afford. If you want a cheap report then design one that uses less topics. If you want a long detailed report, for  say a senior management position, then use 5 or more topics.

You have complete control over your budget.

When you upgrade to the Recruitment Pack you qualify for an immediate 50% discount, so you could be enjoying professional profiling for less than £5.

Why Some Of The Industry Hates Me!

I’ve got a confession to make: Some consultants and existing profiling providers are very unhappy with PeopleMaps. They feel we are offering this service far too cheap.

Even some of the Recruitment Consultancies don’t like what we are doing because we are empowering employers, who are starting to ask awkward questions and demand more from their agencies.

The System is 100% Risk-Free

We’re pretty sure you will love this service. However, if for any reason whatsoever you aren’t completely satisfied, just let us know and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

We’re confident you’ll want to stick with this once you see how powerful it is. But if not, no worries, just shoot us an email and we’ll issue a full and immediate refund, and we’re still friends.

I want to stress: The PeopleMaps Psychometric Recruitment System is a complete, virtually “turn-key” system to getting the best candidates.

Try It For FREE

Register for a free account and read your own report for free within the next few minutes.

You be the judge as to how accurate the report is and how easy the system is to use.

Recruitment Psychometric Test

The Only Way You Can Lose Is
If Your Competitors Use PeopleMaps And You Don’t

The absolute worst thing that can happen when you register now is you learn about new, modern ways to select great candidates.

The best thing that can happen is you discover some amazing talent and blow your competitors out of the water.




Recruitment Psychometric Test

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