Psychometric Testing – The Essential Guide

In this article we will cover all the essential things you need to know about a Psychometric Test.

Let’s Start With The Psychometric Test Definition

psychometric test definitionOne definition is

Any standardized procedure for measuring sensitivity or memory or intelligence or aptitude or personality etc

Psychometrics as a whole is the field of study concerned with the theory and technique of psychological measurement. PeopleMaps specialises in personality tests but this is just one type of psychometric. Often people refer to “psychometric test” when they mean “personality assessment”.

And as far as personality goes, it is incorrect to refer to it as a “test” as it is in fact an assessment. There are no right or wrong answers when dealing with personality assessments.

Other psychometric tests include;

  • Aptitude/Intelligence/Educational Tests
  • Mood
  • Memory Tests
  • Health Psychology and Clinical Scales
  • Numerical Tests – Many companies conduct numerical tests even if the role doesn’t strictly require you to be good with numbers. When companies are faced with far too many applicants they have to come up with various ways of creating a short list and numerical testing is one acceptable way of doing this. The correlation between being good with numbers and being able to do the job however simply isn’t there. It makes little sense in most cases.
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Inductive Reasoning
  • Interpersonal Skills Test

How To Find A Psychometric Test Free from Complication

The trouble with most personality testing systems is that they are overly complicated. A lot of smoke and mirrors is employed, which can make them difficult to use.

PeopleMaps tried to change all that by creating a psychometric test free from complication. No consultants needed. No extensive training required.

The reports are written in plain English and the technology is extremely easy to use. With PeopleMaps you can enjoy sophisticated personality profiling without it being complicated.

The Trouble With A Free Psychometric Test and Results

Can you rely upon a free assessment? Most of the tests out there are just made up for fun, so you have to be discerning. PeopleMaps does provide these for free so that you can try them and see if you like what you see before you commit to buying anything more detailed.

If you are an individual looking at career development or personal development then you will find a couple of excellent personality tests for free when you register here.

And if you are a bona fide business, looking at recruitment, team building or staff development then you are also encouraged to read your own psychometric personality report for free before you buy anything.

The Best Free Online Psychometric Test

So what is the best Free Online Psychometric Test ?

Well it depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking at career development then you should head over to and check out what it has to offer for free. This site goes beyond the test and takes you through some essential career development training based around the results from your personality assessment. This is delivered online and the basic package is free.

If you are recruiting then you should sign up for a PeopleMaps business account as it has developed an entire library of topics exclusively for recruitment. Some providers do not recommend using their system for recruitment. I believe Myers Briggs is one of them.

Let’s be honest, recruiters and job seekers have pretty different agendas, so it’s difficult to meet both parties needs with the same report.

Typical Psychometric Test Questions

Typical Psychometric Test QuestionsPeopleMaps is as sophisticated a questionnaire as you will find. It was designed for the Internet, whereas many other systems were designed originally to be paper based.

Most questionnaires consist of statement A and statement B and you have to pick which one is most like you. Because this is a pretty basic device it usually requires a lot of statements and questionnaires can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

PeopleMaps approaches things a little different and takes advantage of some clever technology. It presents you with ten sets of statements, which you have to select MOST, LEAST and then prioritise the two remaining statements as to which one is MORE like you. We believe this approach is quite unique to PeopleMaps.

Each statement is also a pair, which adds to the complexity of the system. Due to the sophisticated design, PeopleMaps can achieve incredible accuracy using far fewer statements and its 10Q questionnaire takes about 7 minutes to complete. The shorter 5Q version takes less than 3 minutes.

There is a common misconception that longer questionnaire produce better results, however PeopleMaps has proven this not to be the case. Other studies have also substantiated this. With long questionnaires people become bores, especially online, and this impairs the results.

Where to Find a Psychometric Test Sample

The best way to get a sample is to actually complete a questionnaire for yourself and read your own report.

Another myth that needs to be put to bed is that there is such a thing as “a personality report”. Your personality affects almost every aspect of your life. This is why PeopleMaps provides libraries of topics, which can be assembled to produce any number of report designs.

Some Great Psychometric Test Examples

Let’s have a quick look at examples of where a psychometric test can be applied.

The obvious one is recruitment. PeopleMaps has worked with thousands of employers, helping them to make better hiring decisions. We believe in a win:win scenario, where employers and candidates both benefit from seeing the right people in the right jobs

Coaches also use PeopleMaps reports, primary choosing the Coaches Library. If you work with individuals on personal development then you will find their personality report to be extremely useful. It’s hard to imagine much progress in personal development if an individual has little understanding of self.

Knowing you self is the bedrock of all personal development.

Download The Psychometric Test pdf

If you are a bona fide business then you may open a PeopleMaps account for free. Once you have access to your PeopleMaps Control Room, you will be able to select a report design. You may then print and save it as a PDF locally to your PC.

Recruiters, Line Managers, Coaches, Consultants and Trainers may all create a PeopleMaps Business Account for free.

It is also possible to upload your logo and have it displayed on the front cover of the PDF.

How to pass a psychometric test

You may find the following video interesting if you are facing an assessment centre.

But remember when it comes to personality tests, the only thing you should do is be familiar with what yours says about you. Don’t try and trick a personality assessment as it is likely to backfire on you. Here is another video about personality psychometric testing questionnaires.


If you are looking for a personality report then look no further than the PeopleMaps System. PeopleMaps has been pioneering online personality profiling since 2001 and developed both technology and psychology in that time.

Over 1.4 million people have completed a PeopleMaps questionnaire and the feedback and testimonials testify to the incredible accuracy of the system.

PeopleMaps has moved beyond simply creating reports, into applications. It’s what you do with this deeper understanding of personal psychology that makes the difference. Whether you are an individual looking at personal development or whether you are a line manager looking to improve your business, PeopleMaps has an application for you. We are particularly famous for our recruitment psychometric test.

If you hire better staff than your competitors then you have given yourself a significant competitive advantage.

If your staff are happier in their work and are working to their natural strengths then you have also created a competitive advantage. It has been proven that money is a very poor incentive, once you move beyond meeting your basic needs. If you really want your staff to deliver exceptional performance then you need to look at their personal psychology and work from there.

Everyone is motivated differently according to their personality type. If you are a manager and want to get the best from your staff then you need to understand their personality.

If you are a coach or trainer then understanding the personality of the person you are working with, will see your results come faster. What works with one client may not work with the next depending on their personality.

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In this article we have covered the essential things you need to know about a Psychometric Test.

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