Psychometric Test Examples

Looking for some psychometric test examples?

You maybe an employer looking for some examples of psychometric tests, or perhaps you are a job seeker. Psychometric test examples may not be as helpful as you think.

Two Psychometric Test Examples

Largely speaking psychometric tests can be divided into two camps;

  1. Personality Assessments
  2. Ability Tests

Personality assessments are there to help verbalise and understand your behaviour. Ability tests try to measure your intellectual and reasoning abilities.

Aptitude tests tend fall under personality assessments, where your personality type provides you with certain natural aptitudes.

We often use the words personality test and psychometric test interchangeably, however this is not strictly correct. A personality assessment is a type of psychometric. However not all psychometric tests are personality assessments.

Psychometric Test Examples

If you are an employer you may be wondering “Can a test be cheated?”

If you are a job seeker you may be looking for psychometric test examples because you are wondering the same thing. Can job seekers affect the outcome?

psychometric-test-examplesAs a job seeker you have two options;

  • Answer honestly
  • Fabricate your response

If you are a job seeker and you want to improve your chances at landing a job then your best tactic is to buy a copy of your report and become very familiar with what they say about you.

When it comes to these assessments, honesty is the best policy as the chances of you being able to manipulate the answers to your advantage are extremely small. So while it’s true you can answer falsely. It is no guarantee that you will answer favourably.

Getting a copy of your own report is not cheating and it will help you apply for the right jobs. It will also help you prepare for your interviews.

The key thing to remember about these assessments is that they are not a test.

There is no right or wrong answer. So rather than waste your time looking for psychometric test examples, it is better to get your hands on your own report and familiarise yourself with what it says about you.

Other Psychometric Test Examples

Other examples of pschometric tests include:

  • numeric reasoning,
  • verbal reasoning,
  • abstract reasoning,
  • spatial or mechanical reasoning

Summary of Psychometric Test Examples

Unlike personality assessments, there are right and wrong answers and you can practice and improve your scores.

So remember; when it comes to these assessment, focus on familiarising yourself with your own report. And for all other psychometrics, practice wherever you can.

You should have a reasonable idea of the type of tests you are likely to face depending on the industry you work in.

Ask in advance what kind of tests you can expect when talking to potential employers. They will usually give you some indication.

Employers can benefit from understanding more about their candidates. Candidates can benefit by understanding more about themselves.

Candidates need to ensure they are apply for the right jobs; jobs that are compatible with who they are. There is little point in fabricating your answers to land a job that isn’t right for you. If you want to be successful make sure you are applying for the right job in the first place.


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This has been an article about psychometric test examples.

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