Free Psychometric Test and Results

PeopleMaps offers a Free Psychometric Test and Results to everyone who registers.


PeopleMaps stands by its product and gently insists that everyone tries it for free before they buy a thing. Not sure that any other professional profilers offer the same.

Free Psychometric Test and Results for Job Hunting

If you are looking for free psychometric test and results then you are possibly a student or a job seeker. If you are job hunting then you should head over to where you will receive a free personality report designed specifically for job seekers.


If you are recruiting and would like to know more about the candidates you are considering then you should learn how to use profiling properly. People Maps is extremely easy to use and you are only a few minutes away from reading and using your first candidates report.

It is designed so that busy line managers can print off the report, walk into the interview and conduct the most meaningful interview ever.

Staff Management

PeopleMaps also provides a range of reports designed to help line managers get the best from their existing staff.

Managers lead very busy lives but they depend heavily on their staff. To get the best from your staff you need to understand each of them. Everyone is wired differently, so what works with one person, doesn’t work with another.

If you want to really get the best from your staff and do it quickly then you need to read one of the Manager reports on each of them. It’s akin to the operating manual as its packed full of Do’s and Don’ts. Follow this advice and you will make more progress in a week than you normally would in a year of trial and error.

Further reading

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And remember  PeopleMaps offers a Free Psychometric Test and Results to everyone who registers.

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