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Looking for a FREE Psychometric test? Then you have come to the right place as we have a range of options.

Free Psychometric TestIn this article, we are specifically talking about personality tests. A personality test is just one form of psychometric test.

PeopleMaps pioneered the free online psychometric test and designed a questionnaire exclusively for the Internet.

Many other systems were originally paper-based systems, which were eventually dragged online. The good psychometric tests online need to be quick. Internet users have a short attention span so you need to keep the questionnaire to under ten minutes.

Can a Free Online Psychometric Test Be Accurate?

The clever PeopleMaps design, although short, delivers incredibly accurate reports. In fact, there have been studies that show long questionnaires adversely affect results because the candidates become bored. Free online psychometric testing doesn’t need to be substandard.

A short questionnaire will deliver excellent results if it is designed properly. A simple A/B test needs a lot of statements for it to work, so you can’t deliver it in less than twenty minutes. PeopleMaps has developed a more advanced questionnaire using clever Internet technology. This is why PeopleMaps believes it to be the best psychometric test online for recruitment.

Free Online Psychometric Test for Recruiters

PeopleMaps gently insists that you take a free trial before you consider buying anything. PeopleMaps will provide you with a free online psychometric test in order that you may judge for yourself the accuracy of the reports.

As soon as you read your own report you will be convinced about the accuracy of the PeopleMaps psychometric test online.

If you are recruiting then you want to have as much information about your candidates to hand as possible. A PeopleMaps personality report is extremely useful when interviewing candidates.

If you recruit regularly then you may also want to consider a PeopleMaps Enterprise account, where you only pay a small fixed monthly license fee and you get all the reports you need for free.


PeopleMaps lets you design your own reports. If you are hiring a salesperson then you want to read about the candidate’s sales style or their ability to make cold calls.

However, if you are hiring a person in an admin role then you will want to read about other aspects of their personality as their sales style is irrelevant.

This is why you get to design your own reports. You can design a different report for each of your job roles if you want. PeopleMaps provides you with psychometric tests online free from complexity. You can be up and running in ten minutes. No mandatory training.


With the PeopleMaps Pay-As-You-Go system, you need only pay for the reports you actually need.

You are not charged for candidates completing the questionnaire so you can every applicant complete the questionnaire as part of your recruitment process. This is part of the free service.

You are only charged for reports once you actually open a candidates report up to read it.

Free Online Psychometric Tests for Individuals

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PeopleMaps has provided over 1.5 million people with personality reports and helped thousands of people with their career development.

PeopleMaps has provided hundreds of thousands of free reports over the last few years and continues to do so.

Webmasters may use PeopleMaps widget technology and embed a free personality report in their website. This lets the webmaster provide all their visitors with a free personality report without their visitor having to leave their site.

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