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The questionnaire is unique – only 10 questions, and under 8 minutes to complete.

The PeopleMaps personality test is based on Jungian psychology – like Myers Briggs – but built specifically for the web.

Join over 1 million users who have completed the questionnaire and registered for their free personality report.

Discover the secrets 60% of employers already know. Make sure you’re fully prepared for interviews by taking your PeopleMaps test.

Personality Profiling and Your Career

Personality profiling can help you big time with job hunting and career management (it’s what all the top career coaches use), so we’ve created a series of reports to show you how, without you having to pay big bucks for the privilege.

Job hunting is a pretty competitive business, but there are tools you can employ to give yourself the edge – and our series, the Best Personality Report in the World for… will help you do just that.

The Best Personality Report in the World for Discovering Your Ideal Job

The Best Personality Report in the World for Winning Interviews

The free personality test gives you valuable experience of psychometric tests before you need to face one at interview.

The free personality report goes one step further – we actually show you what an employer would be reading about you if they’d asked you to complete the test – and 12 further personality specific topics – written all about you!

Get your FREE Best Personality Report in the
World for Career Management here:

Do you buy lottery tickets or are you tempted to call in sick every Monday?

If the answer is yes, then you’re not in your Dream Job. Let me share a secret with you – a secret successful people already know:

ANYONE can have their dream job. You don’t need heaps of qualifications, money or experience!

But you do need personality – and plenty of it. Understanding your personality and using it together with 21st Century job hunting techniques will give you a serious advantage over every other job seeker.

Land Your Dream Job is a multimedia course delivered over 5 modules and helps you approach your career management in a personality centric way – ensuring your job hunting activities are true to your personality. Edition 2 is out now!

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Hi Martin,

A true story to share: back in 2005 you’ve sent me the report about my personality and highlights about my strongest points . Believe it or not, based on your useful tips, I sent my CV to a company. 2 or 3 days later I was called to make an interview and here I am for 3 year now. I love my job and my employers think the best of me! THANKS – ISABEL DUARTE // Feb 2, 2009 at 1:04 pm

PartnerMaps Relationship Report

PartnerMaps Relationship Report

Personality helps relationships too

Understanding your self and others gives you the best basis for moving on from past relationships into a new one – or simply improving the one you’re in. The PartnerMaps report for relationships does just that. More …

More best personality reports in the world! Coming soon to a personality near you …

The Best Personality Report in the World for Graduate Career Development

The Best Personality Report in the World for Executive Career Development

The Best Personality Report in the World for Entrepreneur Success

The Best Personality Report in the World for CVs and Resumes

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