Personality Types

In your every day life you will encounter all sorts of personality types, so here’s a quick guide as to what you are actually dealing with.

The Background of Personality Types

We can go as far back as the Greeks and the four humours model of Hippocrates when it comes to this subject. It’s apparent that we have always wondered why some people are wired differently from others.

You are probably familiar with the terms “Type A and Type B” behaviour. This has made its way into our common vernacular for many years. However it is the research of Carl Jung that has made the most significant breakthroughs.

Jung publish the book Psychological Types in a 1921 and many assessments today owe thanks to Jung’s research.

Jung wrote,

“In attempting to answer this question, I came across the problem of types; for it is one’s psychological type which from the outset determines and limits a person’s judgment.” (Jung, 1961)

PeopleMaps Personality Types

Whilst still in keeping with Jung’s research, PeopleMaps takes a slightly different approach to personality types.

Personality Types Have Mobility

Personality is mobile, not fixed. If we accept that your personality type affects your preferred behaviour, them we also have to accept that your preferred behaviour varies from one day to the next. We call this mobility.

For some people it will vary more than others. Your mobility also is affected by your environment and circumstances. For instance many people find themselves in jobs that are incompatible with their core personality and have to invest a lot of energy every day to adapt.

Or you may find yourself in a relationship that demands behaviour from you that you that is far from your preference.

Personality Types Without Labels

personality typesHumans do not like to be pigeon-holed. Our common sense tells us that we are all very different from each other and a handful of labels do not do us justice. Jung himself went to great pains to stress that we are all unique.

In order to respect this uniqueness PeopleMaps devised the PeopleMaps Personality Map.

This let’s you communicate and visually represent your personality type, without pigeon-holing you or labelling you. It also allows for mobility.

Why are Personality Types Important?

The more you understand about your personality type the better, as it affects pretty much every decision you make. Our personality acts like a lens through which we experience life.

If we understand our preferred behaviour then we can make better decisions. We can be aware when we are challenging ourselves and when we are working to our natural strengths.

For from limiting our potential, an understanding of personality types can expand our capability.

Where Can You Use Your Understanding of Personality Types?

As personality affects every aspect of our lives you will find no end of applications for your knowledge about personality.

Wherever you come into contact with people you can apply your knowledge. At work you can use it when dealing with colleagues, your staff, your boss or your customers.

And at home, where we find our most important relationships, we can use our understanding of personality types to improve all of our relationships with family and friends.

What’s Your Personality Type?

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