Personality Testing The Easy Way

Personality testing can be used in both your business and your personal life. In this article we will explain where you can use it and how you can do it the easy way.

Personality Testing in Business Development

There are all sorts of ways you can user personality testing in your business.

Personality testing for employment

Probably the most common application is Recruitment. Line managers use personality testing to find the person for the job and make sure that their personality and the work environment are compatible.

A candidate can have all the skill in the world but if their personality is not a good match for the daily environment then they will always be peddling uphill.

Managers also have to figure out how a new person will fit in with that team. Some personality types will fit better than others.

Personality testing for employment pros and cons

As is true of all tools, they can be used for good or they can be poorly applied. The pros of using personality testing for employment are that line managers are armed with more information about each candidate. Each PeopleMaps report also provides a lot of guidance to the line manager, so that they may conduct a meaningful interview.

So what are the downsides? Well it’s important to remember that the personality report is not to do the work of the line manager or the recruitment consultant. It is there to help them make better decisions. It’s not there to make the decisions for them. Providing you follow the guidelines and use personality testing responsibly, then you should have no problems.

Team Building Using Personality Testing

personality testingPersonality testing can make a huge difference when it comes to team building. Many problems arise simply because of a poor understanding of self and others. Generally self awareness is very low in the most offices, which means we are unaware as to how our behaviour is affecting the behaviour of others.

By developing a better grip of self and others and we can establish more productive teams. Without this understanding team development becomes extremely hit or miss. Personality testing can really help with this and help you build great teams very quickly.

Personality Testing and your personal development

How well you get along with yourself and others is a critical measure of your success in life. Personality testing helps you understand why you do what you do and your preferences in life.

It is never down to the circumstances we find ourselves in but how we react to the circumstances we find ourselves in. This is a personality issue so make sure you understand this personality and do not be at the mercy of our circumstances we find ourselves in. When you have this level of understanding you can enjoy life no matter what.

Personality testing for careers

As well as dealing with recruitment, PeopleMaps also provides a lot of career development support too. After all these are two sides of the same coin. It’s better if you place yourself in the right job. You will be happier and so will the employer. The trouble is that too many people are in the wrong job.

Why is PeopleMaps The Easy Way to do Personality Testing?

With most personality testing methods you have to learn to interpret the results. This means you have to go on a training course and take time out your life. It also means that with most personality testing approaches there is a lot left open to interpretation.

PeopleMaps writes in plain English so if you can read, then you can understand the reports.

PeopleMaps has also developed its technology beyond that of any other profiling system so that not only is it clever but its extremely easy to use.

 Further Reading

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This has been an article about personality testing.


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