Custom Personality Test Service

Custom Personality TestIf you need a custom personality test for your website then PeopleMaps can provide you with this.

You have the option of using our free service, where you can give all your visitors a free personality report, or our paid for custom service, where you pay a small monthly charge but get a lot more options.

No other professional profiler gives you the facility to develop a custom personality solution.

Customized Personality Test For Your Website

Are you looking for a custom solution, where you decide what the report is about and what it looks like? Then PeopleMaps will provide you with your own custom solution.

Here what you get with a custom package

  1. You get to decide which topics are included by selecting them from the Coaches Library.
  2. You set your monthly maximum number of reports required.
  3. You can custom brand the cover as your own
  4. You are provided with a custom widget code. You paste this short string of code wherever you want the personality widget box to appear. You probably want it on a private page or in your members area.
  5. The service is delivered directly to the end user as soon as they complete the questionnaire.

To Apply

Please register for a standard account here if you haven’t done so already. Once you login to your Control Room, please click on Order Reports and then Quote request. There you will have the opportunity to describe your project in detail, so that PeopleMaps can custom design exactly what you need.

Free Personality Test Service

If you would like to give your website visitors a personality report at no charge without them leaving your website, then simply use one of the following PeopleMaps widgets.

This will not cost you a penny and your visitors never need leave your page.

This service will not cost you or your visitors a penny.

Career Test

Custom Personality Test

Click here to get the Free Career Test

Although it only takes about 3 minutes to complete the questionnaire, the report is incredibly accurate.





Management Style Test

management style personality testClick here to get your Management Style Test

This report will tell your visitors something about their natural management style.

If they are thinking of getting into management or are already line managers, then they will find this report quite fascinating.




Recruitment Style Test

Click here to get your Recruitment Style Personality TestRecruitment style personality test

Ideal for managers who find themselves hiring and interviewing candidates from time to time.

Our personality plays a large part in the hiring decisions we make so we should understand something about it before we interview our next candidate.




Custom is best

If you really want to provide added value to your members or visitors then the custom option is best.

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