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If you want to know more about your personality profile, or anyone else’s, then PeopleMaps is the only service you need.

You may be familiar with the personality profiling of criminals thanks to TV programs such as Cracker. Criminal psychology is fascinating however we are more interested in helping you understand yourself and the people you meet on a daily basis.

We owe a lot to the research of Carl Jung, for the understanding we have today. Over many years, Jung researched human behaviour. This research culminated in his work on “personality type”.

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Your Map

personality-profileMyers Briggs introduced a labelling system for personality types over fifty years ago. However PeopleMaps has taken this to the next level. Interestingly Jung strongly believed in the uniqueness of each individual, so there has always been some conflict between the concept of labels and uniqueness.

Labels have their limitation as personality is not a box but a landscape. This is why PeopleMaps developed the PeopleMaps Map.

It illustrates where you sit on the personality spectrum.

Instead of boxing you in, it illustrates where you prefer to reside, whilst also accepting that you have mobility. Humans are extremely adaptable and can readily and regularly move “outside of their label”.

 So What Are We Really Talking About Here?

One answer could simply be “your preferred behaviour“. We each of us prefer to behave in certain ways in any given situation. Understanding our preferences and how it affects our behaviour and our decisions can be extremely helpful in making our way through life.

What is challenging for most of us is that we have very low awareness of our preferred behaviour. This may be simply because it’s instinctive.

Your personality affects the decisions you make each day and therefore an awareness of it and how it may be affecting our awareness is essential.

Where can we use this understanding?

PeopleMaps works a lot with line managers to help them understand their own management style and how it affects the people that work for them.

You can also use your understanding as the basis of your career decision making. A poor understanding of your personal psychology will result in some bad career choices. Jobs that may suit someone else may not suit you, simply because you have a different profile.

How you communicate for instance is determined your personal psychology; at least your preferred way of communicating is.

If you want to be more effective at communicating with others then you need to understand the communications style that comes most natural to you.

Your learning style is also affected by it. You run the risk of implementing a very ineffective learning process simply because you do not understand your preferred learning style. Imagine if your coach or teacher understood your preferred learning style and delivered their lesson in that way.

As we are largely responsible for our own learning, then we can find more effective ways through a deeper understanding of our preferences.

Other Ways Of Looking at This

The Insight Personality Profile uses a colour system to help explain personality, as does the Hartman Personality Profile.

And for thousands of years people have associated personality types with various star signs,  so you will have heard of the Virgo Libra Leo and Taurus personality profile.

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