Anne Ellis

Anne Ellis

Anne holds degrees in Business Studies, Psychology and a Masters degree in Social Science.

She successfully built and sold a number of high-growth companies focused on the development of people underpinned by psychological profiling. She is qualified in the use of most psychometric systems and has been involved with their creation and use since 1980.

From the late nineties until 2005 Anne held a part time teaching fellowship in the psychology department at the University of Westminster, London, where she was involved in the team that created the very first Masters in Business Psychology course offered through any UK university.

This was deemed a necessary programme because although there were classes in all applications of psychology; forensic, social, occupational, etc., there were none that seemed to deal with the actual interaction of people in the workplace. Nowadays this seems surprising since so much depends on how people behave, both as students and as employers/employees.

In the year 2000 Anne helped create and launch PeopleMaps as a company introducing and making psychometric profiling accessible to individuals as well as organisations.

PeopleMaps was the first company offering a system created solely for internet use. After a few years most profiling providers gradually adjusted and developed their systems to be available through the internet. Anne continues to create psychological content for PeopleMaps.

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